Autopsy: Nigerian Police to Disclose As Possible Drug-Related Abuse

Mohbad Is With My 2 Million Naira, Says Sam Larry

Following the tragic passing of Mohbad on September 12, 2023, a cloud of controversy shrouds the circumstances surrounding his demise. There have been speculations implicating Naira Marley, the head of Marlian Music Records, and Sam Larry in his death. However, it is crucial to note that these allegations lack substantial evidence.

In response to this uncertainty and seeking justice for Mohbad, Nigerian citizens and fervent fans of his music have taken to the streets in protest, demanding the apprehension and prosecution of those responsible for his untimely demise.

In an effort to address the unrest and demands for justice, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police has taken a significant step by establishing a 13-member panel to thoroughly investigate the artist’s death.

Furthermore, the Lagos State Governor has issued orders for the Department of State Security (DSS) to actively participate in the ongoing investigation.

On September 21, the Nigerian Police Command released a statement regarding the progress of Mohbad’s autopsy. Benjamin Hudenyin shared a statement on his X official page that reads, “Autopsy has been concluded. Awaiting result… #JusticeForMohbad #Justice4mobhad”

Subsequent to the autopsy’s conclusion, an individual on the aforementioned platform speculated that some might question the trustworthiness of the Nigerian Police investigation.

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They expressed concerns that the Nigerian police may potentially attribute Mohbad’s death to drug abuse in their forthcoming report. This individual urged the Nigerian police to maintain impartiality in their actions, as any bias could escalate the situation. They called upon Mohbad’s supporters to remain hopeful for a fair and just resolution.

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