Bella Shmurda Cancels Tour To Canada, Pays Respect To “Mohbad”

Bella Shmurda Cancels Tour To Canada, Pays Respect To "Mohbad"

Bella Shmurda and Mohbad share a close friendship and professional partnership within the Nigerian music industry. They have collaborated on several tracks, including “Pariwo” which helped both artists gain recognition. Their loyalty to each other is evident through their unwavering consistent support and joint musical ventures, solidifying their bond in the Nigerian music scene.

Recently, Abiola Ahmed Akinbiyi known for his music stage Bella Shmurda announced a new date for his music tour to Canada following the death of his music partner, Mohbad.

He wrote, “Due to the recent sad event and unforeseen circumstances, I have had to cancel my Tour of Canada, New dates would be communicated”.

Bella Shmurda has shown unwavering commitment and loyalty to Mohbad and consistently seeks justice and calls for the arrest of alleged perpetrators.

Furthermore, he advised Seyi Tinub to delve into Mohbad’s death and show youth he has the power to change things.

Seyi Tinubu you’re the face of youth in this country and I know you’re a man of diligence and integrity pls activate before we go street on this matter Police station no go contain all of us Ajeh!!, he added.


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