Bola Tinubu’s Vision: Megacities to Emerge in Every Nigerian Geopolitical Zone

Bola Tinubu's Vision: Megacities to Emerge in Every Nigerian Geopolitical Zone

Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has enthusiastically announced that the nation is poised to experience the development of mega-cities across all its geopolitical regions. Embracing his ‘Renewed Hope’ agenda, the President urged Nigerians to prepare themselves to witness the remarkable achievements of his administration.

In a recent message posted on his social media account, President Tinubu shared his commitment to collaborating with private sector stakeholders to secure funding for a substantial national infrastructure fund, totalling a staggering three trillion dollars.

The President further revealed his ambitious vision of replicating the size and grandeur of Lagos city in all of Nigeria’s geopolitical zones, assuring the populace that this monumental project will be completed during his six-year tenure in office.

President Tinubu also shed light on his administration’s plans to invest in the expansion of the nation’s rail network and the implementation of a comprehensive fibre optic network, assuring the public that these goals will be realized within a decade.

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A fully networked and connected Nigeria by rail, gas, fibre optics and road network can be constructed in less than 20 years. Establishing thriving Industrial Zones in every part of Nigeria is possible before 2030” Bola added.

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