Breaking: Paul Pogba Tested Positive for Testosterone Doping

Breaking: Paul Pogba Tested Positive for Testosterone Doping

Paul Pogba, who is currently awaiting the outcome of his backup B sample test, confessed to Juventus that he had used nutritional supplements containing testosterone.

A confirmation has been received that Paul Pogba has tested positive for testosterone doping, with the test conducted in August. Juventus will play a crucial role in determining the future of his contract.

The testosterone test took place on August 20, following the Juventus match in Udinese. It is important to note that Paul Pogba did not participate in the match; instead, he was on the bench.

The French midfielder, Paul Pogba, could potentially face a four-year ban from playing football. However, he maintains that he was unaware that the supplements he had been taking contained testosterone.

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Serie A and Paul Pogba’s club, Juventus, will jointly determine the course of action regarding his contract, considering the potential jail term and the extended ban from football authorities that he may face.

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