“Champions League: André Onana Takes Responsibility for Bayern Munich Victory”

"Champions League: André Onana Takes Responsibility for Bayern Munich Victory"

Critics have raised concerns about André Onana’s performance in certain aspects of his game. Some argue that he can be inconsistent with his decision-making, occasionally taking unnecessary risks when playing out from the back.

Additionally, there have been instances where he struggled with high crosses, which led to conceded goals. Critics also highlight occasional lapses in concentration that result in costly errors. However, it’s important to note that these criticisms are relative to his high standards, and Onana remains a highly regarded goalkeeper with significant potential for improvement.

Following the clash between Manchester United and reigning German champions Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena in Munich, André Onana conceded four goals, including some critical errors. He took responsibility for his club’s defeat, acknowledging that he was the primary reason for the loss.

When the game ended, he was asked to speak, and he said, “It’s my responsibility, because of me we didn’t win — and I have to learn from it”. “I have a lot to prove because, to be honest, my start in Man United is not so good”. “It was me who let the team down”.

The match played today has raised doubts among critics regarding his capability to assert control within his penalty area, orchestrate the defence, and execute vital saves when facing intense pressure.

André Onana is a highly skilled goalkeeper characterized by lightning-fast reflexes, excellent shot-stopping capabilities, and remarkable agility.

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