Charles Inojie: Daughters of Jezebel in Nollywood buys the latest Range-Rovers & 150M Naira Mansions

Charles Inojie: Daughters of Jezebel in Nollywood buys the latest Range-Rovers & 150M Naira Mansions

Nigerian film producer and actor Charles Inojie in the latest episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast co-hosted by Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, also known as Nedu Wazobia, revealed that lots of actresses are desperate to lure male producers and directors into bed just to get movie roles.

He said that there are some actress who are willing to go to great lengths, even compromising their character, just to secure a spot in front of the camera.

“There are some actresses who can do anything just to be in front of the camera. And when you meet a character who is not properly formed as the director or producer, he will fall. So, there are actresses like that” he added.

The filmmaker Inojie also said that the issue of sex for roles in Nollywood is not just based on a one-way thing, adding that it is a two-way thing.

During the Honest Bunch Podcast, he went on to explain that the reoccurring problem facing Nollywood at the moment is the high level of desperation among actresses, who are resorting to various means to attract producers and directors.

“There is also an army of Jezebel daughters looking for directors and producers to fall… So, the level of desperation among some of these girls is also an issue.

“That’s why they are quick to fall into the booby traps set by a lot of producers and directors with characters that are not properly formed; people who came from very shaky backgrounds.” Inojie stated.

Inojie also addressed the controversy regarding filmmakers luring Nollywood novice girls into bed just to give them movie roles as a fabricated stories.

He said that the sex for a role in Nollywood is not only caused by the filmmakers but also by some actresses who throw themselves at the directors and producers to get roles.

Charles Inojie also narrated that some actresses who are struggling to manage their roles are busy buying the latest Range Rover and 150 Million Naira Mansion.

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