China Banned Official Government Staff From Using Apple’s iPhone At Work.

China Banned Official Government Staff From Using Apple's iPhone At Work.

The Chinese government has officially banned government workers from using Apple iPhones and other foreign-branded devices while at work or bringing them into the office—source from a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report on Sep 6.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that the superiors directed the orders to the staff members and that the order had not been fully regulated.

The ban is the latest step in highlighting Beijing’s campaign to reduce reliance on overseas technology and security awareness in the country.

Furthermore, the campaign imposes restrictions on foreign devices which could impact Apple’s progress in the Chinese market.

Apple’s company generates a fifth of its revenue in the Chinese market which serves as Apple’s biggest market.

Recently, the United States banned the Chinese Smartphone manufacturing industry Huawei Technologies alongside the TikTok short video network owned by China’s ByteDance.

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