David Hundeyin Urges Followers to Set Aside Emotions in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

David Hundeyin Urges Followers to Set Aside Emotions in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Nigerian investigative journalist David Hundeyin has advised his followers to tread carefully in the Israeli-Palestinian war, adding that the outcome of this conflict will affect Africa in various ways.

The journalist whose stance on the ongoing Israel conflict has left his followers uncertain about his allegiance, said that the Gulf region within Africa is influenced by Islamofascist ideologies, while Israelis are seen as expansionists.

He further stated that choosing one over another is like picking one flavour of poison over another, adding that the solution of the conflict should based on two strong nations to keep each other in check.

He wrote, “From an African perspective, the best outcome would be a 2-state solution where 2 equally strong enemies can perenially keep each other in check and ensure some kind of peace, like with India and Pakistan”.

David Hundeyin said that a victory for Palestine could have strong implications for Africa against terrorism, as extremists might seek new targets to conquer while an Israeli victory might have consequences resembling a second version of the Libya conflict.

He stated, “The worst outcome would be an outright victory for either side, because in the case of a Palestinian total victory, Africa will then have to contend with a new set of heavily funded, battle-hardened Islamic militants from the east hungry for new land and infidels to conquer; while a total Israeli victory would see the Israeli state step up its covert destabilisation efforts in North Africa, which could lead to Libya 2.0, new African civil wars, and ultimately further weakening of the African Union”

David Hundeyin also urged his followers to put aside their emotions and personal biases when selecting a side, as he believed that Africa would suffer in the event of victory for either party.

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