Davido and His wife Chioma Avril Rowland showcase their newfound set of twins.

Davido and Chioma welcome a Set Of Twins

On Tuesday, October 10th, rumours were circulating on various blogs and news websites regarding the possibility of Davido welcoming twins. Given the absence of any baby-related posts from Davido, numerous scenarios were being considered.

Following extensive debates among Nigerians regarding the veracity of the claim that Davido had become a parent to twins, a viral video surfaced online. This video depicted Davido Adeleke, also known as Davido, and his wife Chioma Avril Rowland in the United States of America, proudly showcasing their newfound set of twins.

Following the tragic loss of Davido’s first son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, a prophecy was made by a prophet that Davido’s next child would be twins. According to Nigerians, the fulfilment of this prophecy has brought immense joy.

Nigerians and people from around the world are overjoyed for Davido and Chioma, as they see this as a divine blessing, with twins being granted to them by God after the painful loss of Ifeanyi Adeleke.

A user wrote, “This should be hope to people who thought they’ve lost everything. Your comeback will be greater. God’s Not Dead! Congrats to 001 and family”

Another user added, “Congratulations to OBO. That’s a huge blessing. I know say na kitchen Una run this thing and I go try am too. I just need the position”.

The third user stated, “For Davido’s father to personally create the video, this holds significant happiness . Congratulations to their family”.

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