Davido Displays Arrogance and Immaturity – Daniel Regha

Davido Displays Arrogance and Immaturity - Daniel Regha

Prominent Nigerian critic and social media influencer, Daniel Regha, has taken Davido to task for what he perceives as the artist’s immaturity and poor treatment of his fans.

Regha contends that Davido consistently flaunts his success and wealth, characterizing his behaviour as unabashedly arrogant.

Notably, he previously speculated that Davido had pledged 20 million, only to later assert that Davido failed to honour that pledge.

He elaborates on the notion that individuals with substantial wealth need not continually remind others of their financial status. Regha consistently underscores the inadequacies in Davido’s public demeanour, deeming it immature.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that Daniel Regha is a relentless critic who consistently scrutinizes Nigerian celebrities and politicians, often seeking engagement and views from his supporters.

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This ongoing critique has prompted some Nigerians to question whether Daniel Regha maintains a balanced perspective in his online commentary, as he tends to focus on criticism rather than offering praise.

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