Endsars: A Million Blackmail And Lies Can’t Pull Me Down – Rufai Oseni

Endsars: A Million Blackmail And Lies Can't Pull Me Down - Rufai Oseni

Nigerian professional broadcaster on Arise Television and technical analyst and investor Rufai Oseni has come under heavy fire following his morning show with Dr. Abati.

Rufai Oseni allegedly claimed on a video that Arise Television is the channel that broadcasted activities of #Endsars #LekkiMassacre and police brutality in Nigeria.

Dr Reuben Abati his co-host on the Morning Show informed him that other television stations covered all the incidents and shootings during the Endsars programme and also him for moderation.

Arise anchor Rufai Oseni said that everything he said on the Morning Show was a fact as he provided evidence on Twitter.

He wrote recently on his X page,

In series of tweets,I have stated that Arisetv was the only media house showing live footage on the 21st of October and I have given evidence,I have mentioned the name of the two journalists that did the great job, like I said show me evidence to controvert my position.I speak for the wonderful exclusive coverage done by Arise on the 21st of October.ENDSARS was long coming and other days were covered but the 21st October coverage was exclusively Arisetv.ITS A FACT!

Reactions trailed the comment section hauling insult on Rufai Oseni performance on the Arise television for lies and propaganda.

Rufai tweeted on his X handle, A million blackmail and lies can’t pull me down.

I will keep doing my job and triumph over any hate. All the hateful words can’t stop me.I will continue to deliver and work to ensure my country is better.I don’t give attention to liars and blackmailers from dysfunctional family homes that we know all about them. We will not talk because if I talk then the table go break.I am resolute and I stick to the facts everyone despite their doctored videos and lying claims.If I tell them to produce evidence they will become stone cold, I have heard their lies and a day will come that the truth will be revealed.The truth will triumph and lies will be defeated. I don’t give in to social media sensation, I am a man of facts always! My records are there, I don’t assume false identities to lie!


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