FCT Minister: Wike Will Be Expelled At The Appropriate Time – Daniel Bwala

Appointment of Olukayede as EFCC Chairman Illegal and Unlawful - Daniel Bwala

Nigerian professional lawyer and Peoples Democratic Party spokesperson,  Daniel Bwala has publicly said that Wike will be expelled and suspended from the party at the appropriate time. The interview between Wike and Seun on the subject of his membership has resulted in many reactions as Wike dares anyone to suspend or expel him.

Wike’s Nomination as Federal Capital Territory minister stirs a reaction to anti-party activities and disloyalty to his party. Daniel Bwala made it clear on Channel Television that the quietness of the PDP on Wike’s anti-party activities should not be mistaken as a weakness.

The PDP supporters believed that disciplinary actions should rule over Wike.

Recently, Wike claimed that he wrote a nomination notification letter to the PDP asking for his ministerial consent to APC appointments, Bwala denies the outburst allegation, he said, Wike did not write to the national leadership of the party regarding the ministerial appointment.

If the APC government works on national unity, PDP members and supporters are welcome to work with them, Bwala said. Atiku presidential spokesperson, Bwala says that Wike loves drama and everyone knows that. He authoritatively says that Wike’s suspension is sacrosanct and it will happen at the appropriate time.


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