G20 Summit: I Will End Poor Leadership & Management Tinubu Tells Nigerians In India

G20 Summit: I Will End Poor Leadership & Management Tinubu Tells Nigerians In India

Nigerian president who is also a former governor of the largest commercial hub in Africa, Lagos state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has released a press statement following his visit to India for the G20 Summit addressing Nigerians In India for unity and progress.

The G2o summit in India reflects a great strategy for attracting foreign investors, developing infrastructure and mobilising private capital.

Recently, Tinubu’s Spokesman, Mr Ajuri Ngelale stated in a press statement about the Tinubu summit to India, he said,

The focus of the summit will be heavily predicated on the urgent need to attract foreign direct investment … and to ensure that we can mobilize private capital from around the world toward the development of Nigeria’s public infrastructure,”

Following the summit in India, Tinubu addresses Nigerians in India. We are here not for politics, we are here to present the future to you, a future of a country that’s rich and endowed, highly populated, very dynamic, unique, culturally unique in our ethnicity, Tinubu stated.

He also stated the importance of Nigerian diversity, it is a given opportunity from God for prosperity Tinubu assured Nigeria of great tools for progress.

The Nigerian president emphasized more about Nigerian resources and the vast knowledge of Nigerians in the global world.

He progressed to state about the Nigerian management system and leadership styles, he said, “We are not poor in knowledge, we are not poor in human resources and not equally poor in capital resource, we are poor in management and leadership.

Nigerian President Bola Ahmed stated that leadership role is the core subject why he contested for the Nigerian presidency and he is in office to address all Nigerian poor management systems and leadership.

He noted that Nigerian unity and progress is the core subject of everything. In the meantime, Tinubu has attracted foreign investors in Nigeria which will help to boost the Nigerian economy.


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