Gabon Coup: Senior Military Officers Declared Openly Seizing Power From Ali Bongo.

Ali Bongo Of Gabon

For the past three years, French colonies in Africa have witnessed 8 coups, particularly in the Sahel region where insurgence and underdevelopment erupted like a volcano. Gabon senior military officers declared openly taking power from the 55-year dynasty of Omar Bongo  1967-2009) and Ali Bongo, 2009 Р2023).

This coup took place following the result of the election which was held on Saturday. The Military coup leaders emphasized the annulment of the election was to keep peace and stability in the country.

A recent video posted by the coup plotters explained the major reason why they had to overthrow Ali Bongo.

The video was taken in French language and translated thus:

On this day, 30 August, 2023, we, the defence and security forces, meeting within the committee for the transition and restoration of institutions, (CTRI).

On behalf of the Gabonese people and guarantor of the protection of institutions, have decided to defend peace, by putting an end to the current regime.

The General election of August, 26 as well as the truncated results are cancelled. The borders are closed until further notice. All the institutions of the republic are dissolved. Our beautiful Gabon has been a haven of peace. Today the country is going through serious institutional, political, economic and social crises. We have to admit that the organization of the August 26, 2023 elections, known as general elections, did not meet the conditions for a transparent ballot.

In addition, irresponsible, unpredictable governance has led to a steady deterioration in social cohesion, threatening to drive the country into chaos.

Key facts about the Bongo dynasty:

Late El Hadj Omar Bongo was the father of Ali Bongo who ruled Gabon for 42 years – 1967 to 2009. When he was the president of Gabon he had 3 Porsches, 70 bank accounts, 6 Mercedes Benz, 39 apartments, and a Bugatti in France.

His son took over in 2009 when his late father left the family mantle and the Gabonese people were not fully in support of the Bongo dynasty.

The military takeover shows the true nature of the Gabonese people on the grounds of disbelief in Ali’s rule. The ousted president pleaded with the commonwealth to show concern and support. Ali Bongo appeared helplessly as he narrated how his wife and children were displaced.

In the viral video, he said, “My son is somewhere. Nothing is happening. I don’t know what is going on”.

Basic facts about the Gabon Republic.

Gabon is estimated of 2.4 million population on the west coast of Central. They are part of a commonwealth nation and also an oil-producing country with vast resources.






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