Gbadebo Rhodes Advocates for Federal Investment in Local Production

Gbadebo Rhodes Advocates for Federal Investment in Local Production

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour, the Lagos State Labour candidate, has stated the critical condition of the Nigerian currency, urging the federal government to promote local production. This comes in response to reports that the Nigerian government plans to acquire LandCruiser SUVs worth ₦160 million for all 360 Members of the House of Representatives.

Gbadebo has called upon the federal government to invest N57.6 billion in Nordmotion and Innoson manufacturing companies, emphasizing that supporting local automobile manufacturers would significantly enhance domestic production.

Furthermore, he expressed that individuals of influence, lawyers, and government officials should procure vehicles according to their means, underlining the importance of promoting domestic production in Nigeria.

 “By all means as individuals, lawmakers and officials can buy whatever brand they like with their own resources, not that of the state. If the state does not believe in Nigerian products why should anyone else”. He stated.
Vivour stressed that nurturing national pride should not be limited to the election season, as numerous politicians depend on locally produced goods. He pointed out that when the nation borrows, those funds should be directed towards bolstering local production.
He stated, “We must start to build a deep national pride, not this surface narrative that comes up only during elections. Nigeria is seeking $1.5billion to balance this same budget. At least if we borrow and put that money into local production, we improve the interest of the collective and create jobs as opposed to importing unemployment”.

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