Godwin Obaseki Swears In 18 Local Government Chairmen

Godwin Obaseki Swears In 18 Local Government Chairmen

The Peoples Democratic party governor Godwin Obaseki swore newly elected 18 local government chairmen. The vibrant governor noted that local government is the foundation where democracy rests. Levels of government must be strengthened in unity and work for the people. Godwin Obaseki expressed his joy in swearing the local government chairmen and assuring the community of the strength and the capacity of the newly elected chairmen in developing Edo state.

Our local government men and women have the capacity and strength to develop and reform the state and bring industrialisation.

Obaseki narrated the prominence of Local government in his tweet, he said

The local government is the foundation upon which our democracy rests. Therefore, this tier of government must be strengthened. That’s why it brings me so much joy to swear in chairpersons for all 18 local councils in the state. I have no doubt in my mind that our local government executives, both men and women, have the innovative capacity to join us in strengthening our development reforms in the state, especially as we transition Edo into the fourth industrial revolution.

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