I am A Full Member Of PDP I Will Never Join The APC Party – Ayodele Fayose

I am A Full Member Of PDP I Will Never Join The APC Party - Ayodele Fayose

Former governor of Ekiti State, Peter Ayodele Fayose had a personal interview with Maupe Ogun Yusuf on channel Television where he publicly said that he was still a PDP member who would never join other political parties when he retired. Moreover, some reports have said that Fayose resigned from the PDP and wanted to continue as an elder statesman, while other reports said that he loved the PDP and would never leave it for anyone.

Fayose said, One thing I want to say again and I have said this severally the moment I am not in the PDP I will never join another political party and I will never be a member of APC not whether they are good or they are bad.

Fayose believes that Nigeria is greater than all of us and we must play politics to the level of doing something good. This PDP saga started during the presidential election when the PDP party was fractured, dismembered, and creating an atmosphere for division and anti-party activities.

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He also disagreed with anyone who would expel or suspend the minister of aviation, Former Governor Nyesom Wike on PDP.

People saying suspend Wike are going to their own peril. Wike is a great force in PDP and beyond suspending. A man of capacity that PDP needs, he added.



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