India: Narendra Modi Extends Support to Israel Amid Escalating Conflict in the Middle East

Narendra Modi

A diverse range of responses has surfaced following Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet, in which he voiced his support for Israel in the wake of a Saturday morning terrorist attack on the Israeli nation.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, he stated, “Deeply shocked by the news of terrorist attacks in Israel. Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims and their families. We stand in solidarity with Israel at this difficult hour”.

The Indian community in the comment section has responded to his tweets, reflecting a variety of sentiments among citizens.

One user wrote, “Kudos for your clear and resolute stance on this matter, sir. A request: To ensure national safety and security in long term, those individuals residing in India who openly celebrated today’s attack by Hamas should be placed under precautionary surveillance by the agencies”.

Another user said, “Israel is a true friend of Bharat and always stood with us. Both the countries are facing terrorism. This is the time we should stand with them openly and loudly. Stand with Israel stand with humanity”.

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A third user added, “There are ppl right inside India who are standing in solidarity to such dastardly terrorist attack on Israel. Today they carry this mindset, tomorrow something else… Law enforcement needs to stop them right here. Supporting terrorism is not FoE.”

However, a significant majority of Indians are urging their Prime Minister to take decisive action against individuals who support terrorism. They emphasize that some of these individuals may currently be residing in India, making it a pressing concern.

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