Individual Bearing Resemblance to Sam Larry Denies Identity

Breaking: Nigerian Police Arrested Sam Larry

A person who closely resembles Sam Larry has urgently appealed to the public about a threat to his life. He mentioned that he had to obtain an identification number as a precaution.

He said, I am the kind of a person that doesn’t go out with my ID but now anywhere I go, Larry Larry, I had three artists that came in, three of them stood corner, I know what they are talking about I couldn’t go”.

Furthermore, he expressed the difficulty he faces when walking down the street, imploring the public to understand that he is not Sam Larry.

Moreover, following the unfortunate passing of Mohbad, there is ongoing speculation that Sam Larry might have some level of involvement and has been in hiding ever since.

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Nigerians are staging intense protests, calling on Nigerian law enforcement agencies to apprehend Sam Larry and Naira Marley, the head of Marlian Records, over their alleged mistreatment and emotional abuse of Mohbad.

The Nigerian police have released a statement regarding Sam Larry’s summons, which could potentially result in him being declared a wanted individual within the country.

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