Israel-Hamas Conflicts: Emmanuel Macron Declares Hamas a Terrorist Organization

Israel-Hamas Conflicts: Emmanuel Macron Declares Hamas a Terrorist Organization

French President Emmanuel Macron declared Hamas a terrorist organization following an incursion by Palestinian militias into Israel, resulting in hundreds of death and casualties. In his social media post, he stated, “Hamas is a terrorist organization. Above all, its seeks the destruction and death of Israel. It exposes, in a criminal and cynical way, the people of Gaza”.

Emmanuel Macron faced substantial criticism from supporters of Palestine and sympathizers in the Muslim community for taking a stance in the ongoing conflict.

A user wrote, “Yes but you say nothing about cutting off food and water to 3.2 million people? you may be about to be complicit in #genocide”

Another user added, “You better keep yourself busy with Paris bedbugs if you can’t sympathize with the innocent lives of the people of Gaza.”

The third user stated, “People seem to not understand that being pro-Palestinian doesn’t mean being pro-Hamas. I believe Hamas has done more damage to Palestinians than Israel has, until this recent escalation. Israel had worldwide support and backing, and now they have even more because Hamas gave them a free pass to slaughter innocent people in Gaza”.

The United States, India, France, the UK, and various other nations have expressed strong disapproval of Hamas’s role in the ongoing Middle East conflict. They have also categorically labelled the assault launched by Palestinian militias as a terrorist act.

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