Israel-Palestinian Crises: The United States and The European Union not Neutral, Says Spanish Minister Ione Belarra

Israel-Palestinian Crises: The United States and The European Union not Neutral, Says Spanish Minister Ione Belarra

Spanish Minister of Social Rights Ione Belarra has accused the United States and the European Union of providing support to the Israeli government in the Palestinian conflict. She expressed concern that they are indirectly endorsing Israel’s policies of apartheid and occupation.

Belarra highlighted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unjustly hindered the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza civilians. She stated that her party is actively pursuing measures to ensure that the International Criminal Court prosecutes Benjamin for alleged war crimes in Palestine.

She added, “We ask our partner, the Socialist Party, to work together to present on behalf of the government of Spain a petition to the prosecutor’s office of the International Criminal Court to investigate the war crimes committed in Palestine by Netanyahu, as was done recently in the case of the Spanish aid worker murdered in the Ukrainian war, as well as those perpetrated by Hamas in Israel and occupied territories against the civilian population,”.

She stated that Israel has been involved in what she considers genocide in the Gaza Strip and should not use attacks by Palestinian armed factions as an excuse for committing atrocities against Palestinian civilians.

She stated, “Today, we want to raise our voices to denounce that the state of Israel is carrying out a planned genocide in the Gaza strip, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without light, food and water and carrying out bombings on the civilian population that are collective punishment, seriously breached international law and may be considered war crimes”.

Furthermore, she mentioned that Benjamin Netanyahu is allegedly exploiting Hamas as a means to harm thousands of Palestinian civilians, including children. She criticized countries that justify Israeli actions as hypocritical.

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Pope Francis, in addition, has appealed to the Israeli government to uphold humanitarian law, with a particular emphasis on Gaza. He stressed that children and the elderly should not be made victims amid conflicts.

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