Joe Biden Announced $100 Million Humanitarian Aid for Gaza & West Bank

Joe Biden Announced $100 Million Humanitarian Aid for Gaza & West Bank

President Joe Biden has pledged $100 million in humanitarian aid for Gaza and the West Bank, a commitment made in the wake of his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to advance the pursuit of peace in the region.

Amid media controversy surrounding the Israeli Defense Force’s alleged bombing of a major hospital in Gaza resulting in the loss of innocent lives, President Biden, during his visit to Israel, clarified that the $100 million in humanitarian aid is exclusively intended for displaced and conflict-affected Palestinians.

On his official Twitter account account, he wrote, “I just announced $100 million for humanitarian assistance in Gaza and the West Bank. This money will support over 1 million displaced and conflict-affected Palestinians. And we will have mechanisms in place so this aid reaches those in need – not Hamas or terrorist groups”.

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Joe Biden remains steadfast in his support for Israel during the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. According to reports from Naijastan, President Biden has labelled the attacks on Israel as acts of terrorism and is dedicated to ensuring that Israel can defend itself against such barbaric acts of terrorism.

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