Jorginho Reflects on Painful Errors in Derby Match against Tottenham Hotspur

Jorginho Reflects on Painful Errors in Derby Match against Tottenham Hotspur

Arsenal’s central midfielder, Jorge Luiz Frello Filho OMRI, commonly known as Jorginho, has publicly acknowledged his errors during the North London Derby against Tottenham Hotspur held at the Emirates Stadium.

Instead of criticism, Jorginho expressed gratitude to his supporters for their positive response, sharing his thoughts on the matter via his Instagram account, he wrote, “A painful mistake today, but seeing how everyone reacted after my mistake to support and lift me up, my teammates, coaches, staff and you Arsenal fans. It gives me even more motivation to work harder and harder, because all of you deserve the best version of myself”. “Thank you so much for the support Arsenal family” he added.

Jorginho and Arteta hugging after match
Mikel Arteta hugging Jorginho after the Derby Match against Tottenham Hotspur at Emirates Stadium

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta commended Jorginho following the match, emphasizing that everything that transpired on the football field was a natural part of the game. In an interview with Sky Sports, Arteta stated, “I love him, errors are part of football”, “We are all with him, no doubts” Mikel added.

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Sol Campbell, the retired English footballer and former defender, offered a constructive assessment of Jorginho’s performance, providing moderate criticism, and advised the player to maintain a high level of performance in the upcoming match.

He said, “‘Jorginho’s not playing his game. He’s usually getting the ball and moving it quickly, that is his game. He had a chance to pass to Ben White out wide. “He was scanning and scanning, and he just got in a muddle and they nicked the ball from him. So many goals are scored in the first five minutes after your opponents score. You have to be aware.”


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