Labour Party: Peter Obi’s Petition Lack Merits, Tribunal Rejects All Charges

Labour Party: Peter Obi's Petition Lack Merits, Tribunal Rejects All Charges

Following the six-hour verdict, the Presidential Election Petition Court has rejected Peter Obi’s election challenge against Bola Ahmed’s Victory. The tribunal affirmed that Labour Party candidate Peter Obi’s requests lacked merit and dismissed all his petitions.

After the February 25 polls, the Labour Party charged the All Progressive Congress, Independent National Electoral Commission and Bola Ahmed Tinubu to the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC) on the following grounds of 25% of FCT Abuja, Drug Indictment in the United States, Shettima Double nominations, IRev BVas transmission of results, Overvoting, and others.

After this series of petitions, the tribunal verdict declares that 25% in FCT is not mandatory and that Abuja is equal to every other state in Nigeria. Federal Capital Territory Abuja doesn’t have special privileges ahead of other states in Nigeria.

Tinubu’s drug indictment in the United States was struck out by a tribunal conveying that the United States doesn’t ban Tinubu from entering the States, arraigned or sentence imprisonment.

The People’s Democratic Party and Labour Party petition on an alleged drug case was quashed and dismissed on the grounds of baseless and frivolous charges.

Also, following verdicts on INEC vs. Peter Obi, the tribunal told petitioners that the electoral body has the authority to transmit results in the way they deem fit and that INEC is not required to transmit election results electronically.

Furthermore, the presidential election petition courts said that Peter Obi failed to prove election malpractices, Anomalies and overvoting of the general election.

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