Lie Detector: Yes, I am The Greatest Goalscorer Of All Time – Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo faces the ultimate truth lie detector truth with a Binance detector expert.

Binance is one the most notable cryptocurrency platforms in the world and has partnered with legendary Cristiano Ronaldo.

Following the lie detector test, heart-thumping spectacle and reactions sparked Ronaldo’s fans and the audience. Cristiano is considered the Greatest of All Time on the pitch and has ultimate fans all over the world.

Binance Presents Lie Detector to test Cristiano Ronaldo on the following Questions, Let’s explore the test.

Okay, Cristiano Ronaldo, all I want you to answer is Yes or No. Then I will always look to Don to clarify if you are telling the truth or lying

Do you hold the all-time record for the most goals in history? Ronaldo answered yes and the lie detector confirmed he was telling the truth.

Ronaldo also confirmed that he has Googled himself several times and affirmed his jersey best number as 7.

The heart-thumping question that sparked the comment box, was Portugal winning the world. Ronaldo affirmed to his national team, Portugal that the World Cup dream could be fulfilled.

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