LP Media Director, Dr. Tanko, Asserts Imolites Under Forced Governance

LP Media Director, Dr. Tanko, Asserts Imolites Under Forced Governance

Dr Yunusa Tanko, the National Director of Media for the Labour Party (LP), has asserted that the residents of Imo state are being governed under duress by the incumbent executive governor, Hope Uzodimma.

He made these remarks during an appearance on Arise Television’s Morning Show with Dr. Ruebun, Rufai Oseni, and other hosts. He alleged that the people of Imo have endured oppressive governance for an extended period, with the authorities legitimizing unlawful actions within the state. He further emphasized that the citizens of Imo are eager for a change in leadership.

Dr. Yunusa Tanko expressed his belief that Senator Athan Achonu, the authentic candidate of the Labour Party, would provide sincere and effective leadership to the people of Imo State. It’s worth noting that the Labour Party recently experienced internal conflicts, resulting in a faction led by Lamidi Apapa and his candidates challenging Senator Achonu’s candidacy.

Nonetheless, the Supreme Court has rejected Lamidi Apapa’s appeal and affirmed Senator Achonu as the legitimate candidate of the Labour Party, with Julius Aburi as the National Chairman of the Party. Dr Yunusa Tanko also confirmed that the party is now content with the court’s decision and is gradually recovering its reputation.

He asserted that Lamidi Apapa has never been a faction within the Labour Party, as no court or the National Unity Working Committee (NUWC) has declared anyone other than Julius Aburi as the party’s chairman. He challenged the public to produce any document indicating otherwise, emphasizing that the individuals associated with the Lamidi Apapa faction are not recognized by the law.

He, however, is actively campaigning for Senator Athan Achonu in the upcoming gubernatorial election in Imo state and several other regions. The primary opposition candidate in Imo is the incumbent governor, His Excellency Hope Uzodimma, who had promised to secure employment in Europe for four thousand Imo youths during his campaign, claiming to have negotiated with European authorities for job opportunities.

The Media Director of the Labour Party contends that Senator Athan’s political approach, deeply rooted in grassroots, ward-level, and zonal connections, positions him as the frontrunner in the impending election. He also emphasized that Imo state is grappling with security and infrastructure challenges and affirmed that his candidate possesses strong ties with the people.

Furthermore, He emphasized that Senator Athan Achonu’s mandate will derive from the people’s support, not through coercion, manipulation, or the legalization of illegitimate practices. He highlighted that Imo state has been plagued by a series of issues, including kidnapping, extortion, and insecurity, prompting calls from Imo’s residents for intervention from the Federal government.

In conclusion, he made a heartfelt plea to his fellow party members, urging them to come together and work harmoniously for the advancement of the party. He stressed that it is crucial to avoid unnecessary disputes that could tarnish the party’s image. He reiterated that their primary duty at this moment is to ensure that Nigeria gets back on the right path and operates smoothly, especially considering the challenges the nation is facing under the administration of the All Progressives Congress. Tanko encouraged members with concerns to step forward, assuring them that all internal party issues will be addressed to promote the party’s growth and progress.

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