Naira Marley Seeks Safety Amidst Speculation Over Mohbad’s Death

Naira Marley Seeks Safety Amidst Speculation Over Mohbad's Death

Naira Marley Nigerian musician, who also owns Marlian Record Label, has expressed concerns for his safety should he return to Nigeria in the wake of rapper Mohbad’s passing.

He revealed this during a livestream conversation with a prominent Nigerian social media influencer Mr Reno Omokri. Following Mohbad’s tragic death, Naira Marley’s name has been circulating in discussions regarding potential involvement.

In response to these allegations, he released a statement asserting that his record label is not affiliated with any drug cartel or drug lord activities, and he maintains his innocence in all matters. During his live conversation with Reno Omokri, he mentioned that Mohbad struggles with suicidal thoughts.

He said,  “There was another time when I was in America and his girl called me to say he locked himself in the toilet and he wanted to kill himself or something like that. So, I called him from there and recorded the conversation, asking him: “Why did you want to kill yourself? You are a king, if your family is stressing you out(because this time, he was with his family and all his family was around him) just tell them to chill, you can do what you want to do, do not stress yourself, if you kill yourself now, what do you want people to say.

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“I was so concerned so I called him to try to give him rest of mind, if your family is stressing you out, leave.” “He wanted to commit suicide, in the video, I was just trying to find out what was wrong with him.”

Naira Marley also declared his commitment to seeking justice for Mohbad and expressed his willingness to cooperate with the Nigerian police force for a thorough investigation

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