Napoli Clarifies: No Intent to Mock Victor Osihmen

Napoli Clarifies: No Intent to Mock Victor Osihmen

Napoli, the defending champions, have issued a formal apology to Nigerian national player Victor Osihmen following a recent incident on TikTok where he was ridiculed for missing a penalty against Bologna.

This TikTok video sparked a significant backlash from fans, who viewed it as both unjust and racially insensitive.

In a widely circulated video, Victor Osihmen was observed arriving for a Udinese match without exchanging greetings with his teammates, possibly in response to the controversial video.

Furthermore, Osihmen’s representatives expressed their intention to take legal action against Napoli for the emotional and physical distress inflicted upon Victor Osihmen. In response to these developments, Napoli has taken the step of addressing the public with an official apology statement.

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According to Fabrizio Romano, Napoli’s statement reads, “Calcio Napoli, wishing to avoid any exploitation of the issue, point out that we never wanted to offend or mock Victor Osimhen, who is a treasure of this club”. “As proof of that, during the summer training retreat, the Club firmly rebuffed every offer that was received for the striker’s transfer abroad”. “Social media, in particular TikTok, has always used an expressive form of language with a light heart and creativity, without wanting to, as in the case with Osimhen as protagonist, have any intention of insult or derision”. “In any case, if Victor perceived any offence towards him, this was not what the club intended”.

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