Napoli: The Allegations Against Me Are False, Says Victor Osihmen

Napoli: The Allegations Against Me Are False, Says Victor Osihmen

Nigerian national footballer and Napoli striker, Victor Osihmen, has issued an official statement regarding his journey and expressed gratitude for the love and kindness shown to him by the people of Napoli.

In recent events, there was a dispute between Napoli and Victor Osihmen, with his agent threatening to take legal action against the club due to the physical and emotional challenges Osihmen faced.

This issue gained attention after Napoli posted a controversial video on their TikTok account following Osihmen’s failure to score a penalty in the Napoli vs. Bologna match.

The video portrayed Victor Osihmen in a harsh light and generated strong reactions on social media, even prompting the Nigerian government to caution against mistreating Osihmen in any manner.

During the Napoli vs. Osihmen match, a viral video captured him refraining from greeting his teammates, likely related to the previous match’s events.

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Nonetheless, Napoli striker Victor Osihmen has released an official statement to address both the people of Napoli and the global audience, clarifying the situation and addressing the accusations aimed at manipulating the club against him.

The Official statement Reads:

“Coming to the City of Naples in 2020 was a wonderful decision for me. The People of Napoli have shown me so much love and kindness, and I will not allow anyone to come between us”. “The passion of the People of Naples fuels my fire to always play with my heart and soul, and the love for the badge is unwavering as I wear it with pride”. “The accusations against People of Naples are untrue. I have a lot of friends that are Napolitans and have become part of my family and everyday life. I appreciate Nigerians and everyone for leading their voices to support and reach out to me”. “I’m forever grateful. Let’s support unity, respect and understanding. FORZA NAPOLI SEMPRE

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