New Features: Mark Zuckerberg Introduced WhatsApp Channel

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder and Harvard technocrat, Mark Zuckerberg has just rolled out the WhatsApp channel globally adding thousands of channels across the globe for users to follow

Zuckerberg recently released a post on his Facebook handle about the new update, he wrote,

Today we’re starting to roll out WhatsApp Channels globally and adding thousands of new channels that people can follow in WhatsApp. You can find Channels in the new ‘Updates’ tab.

Whatsapp Channel

Mark Zuckerberg’s Whatsapp Channel is a prominent communication platform used by the Facebook founder to engage with his audience and share updates on technology, innovation, and social issues.

This channel allows him to connect directly with followers, providing insights into his vision for the future of technology and Facebook’s evolving role in it. It serves as a valuable channel for Zuckerberg to discuss his philanthropic efforts and address global challenges.

With millions of followers, Mark Zuckerberg’s Whatsapp Channel is a powerful tool for communication and thought leadership in the digital age.

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