Nigeria Vice President Prof. Kashim Shettima Faces Backlash for Derogatory Remark

Nigeria Vice President Prof. Kashim Shettima Faces Backlash for Derogatory Remark

Nigerian Vice President Prof. Kashim Shettima is facing criticism for disparaging his former classmate during his speech at the National Assembly retreat in Ikpot Ekpene on Friday, September 22, 2023.

Many Nigerians have expressed their disapproval of his actions, particularly for mentioning his classmate’s name in a derogatory manner and for characterizing his profession as subpar.

The Vice president said, “We are the luckiest among Nigerians; we are not better than our next-door neighbour. Yesterday, I hosted my classmate from the University of Ibadan, the MSc class of 1991,”

“The best graduating student in my class was Usman Oladipo. Oladipo is languishing as a DGM in one mediocre bank. He was the best-graduating student, and that goes to show that we are here not because we are the best of the best,” he added.

His comments regarding his political opponent did not sit well with Nigerians, tarnishing his reputation as he publicly criticized his rival. Twitter has been abuzz with mixed reactions, with comments such as, “No DGM in the bank is languishing if you know you know. I guess he’s comparing the income of the DGM with how much they loot from the country on a daily basis” Vivienvivicoko wrote

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Another user by the name of Mydeji247 wrote, “So many things wrong with that statement. 1. A bank in Nigeria, no matter how small, cannot be described as mediocre. 2. DGM position in any bank is quite an achievement. Afterall it was legitimately earned”.

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