Nigerian Former Senator Calls for Palestinian Independence

Nigerian Former Senator Calls for Palestinian Independence

Former Senator Shehu Sani has called for the independence of Palestine amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East involving Israel. He has urged the Nigerian government to release an official statement condemning the brutal attacks on civilians.

Additionally, Sani has emphasized that the Nigerian government should demand an end to the occupation of Palestinian territory and the immediate recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state.

The senator has also urged Nigerian authorities to advocate for peace through the implementation of the two-state solution formula.

Upon releasing this statement, his followers were intrigued and expressed their opinions with fervour, resulting in a variety of mixed reactions.

One of his followers asserted that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are not as violent as Palestine, and that’s why he refused to advocate for their recognition as a sovereign entity by the Nigerian government. The follower insinuated bias, stating that Palestine is an Islamic state, implying a religious bias.

Another user contended that Palestine does not have rightful ownership of Israeli land, despite the historical displacement of Israel.

The third user asserted firmly that Nigeria lacks the resources to engage in a conflict with the Israeli government. They added that world leaders, including the United States and the European Union, are backing Israel, while Russia maintains a neutral stance.

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The user also noted that the Israeli Prime Minister has issued a warning to all nations to stay out of the ongoing conflict.

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