Nigerian Police Officers Face Demotion Due to Assault on Citizens

Nigerian Police Officers Face Demotion Due to Assault on Citizens

The Nigerian Police Command has taken action against two of its officers who were found guilty of misconduct and assaulting citizens.

This decision comes in response to a widely circulated video on social media from April 9th, depicting the brutal treatment of a young man by the police in Emouha, River State.

The incident sparked outrage among Nigerian citizens, who promptly called upon the federal government and the police headquarters to hold the responsible officers accountable and ensure justice for the victim.

ACP Prince Olumuyiwa of the Nigerian Police Command issued a press statement in response to the resurgence of an older video circulating on social media. In the statement, he announced that justice had been served for the young man who was mistreated by the police.

He assured the public that Inspector Adejoh Siaka had been demoted from the rank of Inspector to Sergeant, and Sergeant Ndiwa Kpubari had faced significant disciplinary action for his role in the incident.

Furthermore, Inspector Friday Obaka, who was identified in the viral video, has been discharged without any conditions due to his absence during the assault.

ACP Prince Olumyiwa also urged the general public to refrain from sharing the same video online to prevent any further damage to the reputation of the Nigerian Police Command.

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Olumuyiwa Adeoji wrote, “We urge the general public to please discountenance the video which appears to be an attempt to bring the Force to disrepute and generate a wrong impression about the Police” Mischief makers are hereby warned to always verify facts before rushing to make unfounded claims about such matters on social media” he added.

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