Nigerians Reacts As PEPT (Tribunal) Set Date For Presidential Verdict

Nigerians Reacts As PEPT (Tribunal) Set Date For Presidential Verdict

Both Nigerians in the diaspora and National have reacted following the announcement of the presidential Election Petition Tribunal date draws closer and televised verdicts.

The ongoing tribunal cases are between the presidential candidates of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, the All Progressive Congress, Ahmed Tinubu, The Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar and the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

Nigerians reacted with their comments assuring the prominence of the Labour Party candidate winning chances, Mr Peter Obi,

One user by the name of Jaypee wrote that,

Peter Obi’s lawyers overwhelmed the judiciary with strong evidence, proved beyond reasonable doubt on how flawed the election was, and why Bola Tinubu MUST be disqualified. Nigerians are patiently waiting to see how the Justices will rule on the 6th of September. Any judgment that fails to disqualify Tinubu will be in gross violation of our Constitution and Electoral Act 2022. #AllEyesOnTheJudiciary

Many reactions followed the tweet, “What God promised us is a better Nigeria, Historians never told us some Israelites never died, were injured, or incarcerated before Pharoh allowed them to leave Egypt”. My people 6th of September is the day. Are we ready? Danny added.

Some Twitter users believed that the verdict would favour Ahmed Tinubu following the announcement of the Bank strike, DSS protest warning and coincidental events that happened within the timeframe of the tribunal verdict statement.

Advocate of good governance wrote, You guys shouldn’t expect too much on this pept judgement; PEPT judgement is on 6th, nothing’s gonna change. NLC is going on strike, bank will join the strike, tinubu is out of the country, DSs is issuing warning against protest. All these are not coincidence…


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