Nigeria’s Fragmentation along Religious and Tribal Divides – Insights from Peter Obi

Nigeria's Fragmentation along Religious and Tribal Divides - Insights from Peter Obi

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party and former governor of Anambra state, Mr Peter Obi, has called upon Nigerians to unite and collaborate for the advancement of national peace and development.

He went on to emphasize that Nigeria, as a nation, has become deeply fragmented and divided along religious and tribal lines.

Peter Obi further said, “There is high mutual distrust and disharmony among Nigerians, resulting in civil unrest, all forms of agitations, discrimination and violence. A day like this provides us with the opportunity to soberly reflect and work together for the peaceful coexistence of our peoples by strengthening the ideals of peace and fostering the tradition of non-violent resolution of conflicts”.

The Labour Party’s presidential candidate implored Nigerians to practice mutual respect and uphold the rule of law, believing that through trust and unity, the nation can establish enduring peace.

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He noted that Nigeria currently faces conflicts, heightened insecurity, and violent protests, all of which hinder national development. The former governor also expressed his dedication to constructing a Nigeria where every citizen is regarded as an equal stakeholder in the nation’s progress.


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