Our Rivarly Is Over Cristiano Ronaldo Tells Lionel Messi

Our Rivarly Is Over Cristiano Ronaldo Tells Lionel Messi

Al Nassr star Cristiano Ronaldo shared his thoughts about Lionel Messi considering their rivalry for a couple of years. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel are considered one of the best players in the world with mesmerising skills and a seamless fusion of precision and fairness.

The ground seems to tremble beneath their feet, the stadium erupts in anticipation, the air charged with excitement and the spotlight shines on them.

In Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent interview on players’ performances, he narrated the importance of playing and making history with them.

When he was asked about his rivalry with Lionel Messi he said, “I don’t see things like that, the rivalry is over. It was a good and healthy rivalry. That’s what the spectators like about it. Whoever loves Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have to hate Lionel Messi or vice versa because they are both. They changed the history of football and they keep on doing it. We are respected throughout the world. That’s the most important thing. He makes his way, I make mine. Even if we are playing outside the Europe, He has done well from what I have seen and so have I, It’s about continuing the legacy which continues the rivalry.

He further stated his relationship with Lionel Messi on the football stage for a couple of years. He said, We have shared the stage for 15 years we ended up being, I would say friends because I haven’t dined with him. But we are professional colleagues and we respect each other.

Cristiano Ronaldo also talked about the Arab League and his desire to play alongside Al Nassr. People thought I was crazy when I talked about it, and it was a privilege playing there.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a genius. His football touch is poetry in motion, effortlessly controlling the ball as if it were an extension of his own body. With unparalleled speed, he races past defenders, leaving them in his wake.  His vision on the field is unmatched, threading passes that split defences wide open. His teammates thrive on his guidance, knowing that when Ronaldo is on the pitch, anything is possible.

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Not just the moments of brilliance. It’s about the sheer passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment that Cristiano Ronaldo brings to the beautiful game.

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