PDP Wranglings: It Is Time to Sanction Nyesom Wike, Says Obaseki

PDP Wranglings: It Is Time to Sanction Nyesom Wike, Says Obaseki

Dr. Pedro Obasike, the Director of Research and Documentation for the PDP Presidential Campaign, has advocated for the necessity of taking measures against Nyesom Wike for his conduct during the presidential campaign.

The internal conflicts within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have escalated to the point where they have accused Nyesom Wike of being affiliated with the All Progressives Congress (APC) and of actively supporting the APC during the presidential campaign.

It’s worth noting that Nyesom Wike himself, during an executive interview on Channel Television, affirmed his continued membership within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), emphasizing that no one possesses the authority to expel him from the party.

Nevertheless, the Edo Governor expresses his disapproval of Wike’s political actions, characterizing him as a repeat offender, harkening back to the “Five Governors” who aligned with Wike during the presidential campaign and engaged in activities contrary to the party’s interests.

The Governor has also issued an official statement on this matter, he said, “Wike coming out to ask for the expulsion of the number one leader of the party and the presidential flagbearer of the party and the recipient of the mandate of the Nigerian people as declared in INEC’s submission that we won 21 states and asking Atiku to be expelled from the party, Wike has crossed the red line and now, he should be ready.“He has all the money to fight us back because we are coming at him like a thousand bricks”.

“He has unleashed the dogs of war and we will not sit back and watch him ride rough over the party and majority of Nigerians like he did for eight years over the humility of the Rivers people. That can no longer suffice.”

The Edo governor, Obaseki has requested that Nyesom Wike disclose his official bank account statements from both during and after his tenure as a governor.

He said, “Wike is a member of the APC, a sitting Minister of an APC government. Wike openly campaigned against the PDP. You see, by their fruits, we shall know them. By all intents and purposes, Wike is not a member of the PDP.

“If you remember clearly, just a few months to the election, Barrister Nyesom Wike, then the governor of Rivers State ran to the court to get an injunction to preclude and stop the PDP from expelling him from the party.

“If he was so untouchable and bigger than the entire party machinery, why did he do that? Whether we like it or not, Wike is Satan lieutenant.

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“Maybe that is what reduced the propensity of the leaders of the party to do the needful. And because many of them are doves-men of peace (not everyone is a hawk like Wike), let us see whether he would come around. PDP is not a party of brigands.”

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