Peter Obi: If I Pay N250k per night, I Won’t Sleep, Nigerians React after Journalist Revealed Tinubu UNGA Hotel Expenses

Government Allocates More Funds to Politicians' Car Parks than to Half of Teaching Hospitals - Peter Obi

Nigerians have reacted to Peter Obi’s spending, highlighting that his administration is unlikely to indulge in extravagant expenses compared to the Tinubu government.

The Labour Party 2023 presidential candidate Mr Gregory Peter Obi stated on a program, “If I go to a hotel and pay N250k/per night, I won’t sleep, I’ll feel like they stole my money”.

Nigerians are reacting following that the Tinubu Administration spent thousands of Dollars to attend the United General Assembly meeting for 7 days.

The Nigerian anonymous investigative journalist revealed on his platform that Tinubu spent $507,000, US dollars taxpayers money for just seven days totalling 507,000,000 million nairas in Nigerian currency.

Nigerians have initiated a comparison between Peter Obi, Atiku and Bola Ahmed Tinubu to determine whose administration would be more prudent in managing public funds.

A user wrote, “Okwute of Nigeria, this is why they don’t want to see him, is like Light and darkness, like white and rag, his integrity is strained a whole lot of patriotic people, he will surely lead this nation not can stop him, the light will prevail”.

Another user stated, “It is instructive to also point out that there was no need for spending this huge amount of tax payers’ money on hotel reservations, when the Nigeria House built by the Babangida regime at a cost of $32million is just a minute away from the United Nations Headquarters, New York.”

A third user added, This is why they hate him so much. He’s too good to be true and #BetterByFar. If PO is President, many people with wealth without enterprise will have to go find another means. Peter is the end to many evil in Nigeria’s political system. Fair enough for thieves to hate him.”

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