PrimeBoy: Mohbad’s Wife Is Flaming Me

PrimeBoy: Mohbad's Wife Is Flaming Me

Nigerian social media influencer, Owodunni Ibrahim, who is also known as Primeboy, vehemently asserted that Mohbad’s wife was falsely implicating him in the death of Mr Ilerioluwa Aloba, also recognized as Mohbad Imole.

In a viral video shared by TVC News, Primeboy recounted his relationship with Mohbad, highlighting that the Lagos police command had not initially extended an invitation to him.

He expressed his intention to report to the police immediately upon learning of the death of Mohbad, as accusations were mounting against him, adding that his friends and family advised him to take a moment before doing so.

Primeboy expressed his profound astonishment when the police declared him a wanted individual. He mentioned that it was his friends and well-wishers who began informing him about the unfolding situation, including the bounty placed on him.

He underscored the close bond between himself and the late rapper, Mohbad, describing their relationship as akin to that of a stepfather, mother, sister, and cousin. When asked by the reporter whether he was present on the day Mohbad passed away, Primeboy emphatically denied any involvement, clarifying that both of them had departed shortly after a music show.

However, Primeboy verified that there was an ongoing dispute between Mohbad and his wife, possibly stemming from a confidential conversation, possibly a family matter.

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He adamantly asserted that he is being wrongly accused by those who are pointing fingers at him, emphasizing that the public is unaware of his genuine feelings regarding Mohbad’s tragic passing.

In conclusion, he stressed his desire for justice in Mohbad’s case and pointed a finger at Mohbad’s wife, accusing her of going online to falsely implicate him on social media.

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