Separatist Movement: I Will Call For Dismantle Of Nigeria If You Join BRICS – Gunther Fehlinger

Separatist Movement: I Will Call For Dismantle Of Nigeria If You Join BRICS - Gunther Fehlinger

Gun Fehlinger has seriously warned the Nigerian government not to join BRICS. The consequence of joining BRICS will be disastrous as the separation of geographical areas in Nigeria will dismantle the giant of Africa.

He’s currently the chair NATO committee to European countries like Kosovo, Georgia, Ireland and the EU and has continually broadcasted the impacts of BRICS in the global world.

The young vibrant NATO personnel recently posted on his social media handle, saying, I put Nigeria on notice If you join #BRICS I will call for the dismantling of #Nigeria into #ExNigeria @MBuhari @NGRPresident @TheNationNews

Following the warning to the Nigerian government, he warned South Africa also to leave BRICS or repercussions of the dismantling of South Africa would follow.

I call South Africa Leave #BRICS now! #ExBRICS Otherwise I will call for the dismantling of South Africa into #ExSouthAfrica As I learn there is serious breakup potential after the socialist mismanaged by @CyrilRamaphosa

There are loopholes in African existence as many countries are greatly battling with secession. The separatist movement is growing stronger in Africa every day due to the economic, social and political structures of the African governments. There are a couple of active separatist movement groups in Africa willing to establish and govern their nations.

The Kayble Berbers group one of the largest ethnic groups in Algeria are presently clamouring insistently for sovereignty, also In Central Eastern Angola, the Lunda- Tchokwé people, in Cameroun there’s an active civil war between the Ambazonia and the Cameroon government, and other African separatist movement that listened to Gunther Fehlinger warning.

In Nigeria, The Indigenous People Of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have been clamoring for independence for a couple of years which resulted in detaining their leader at the EFCC operative quarters.




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