Spyro Source of Income Is Questionable & Needs to be Investigated – Daniel Regha

Spyro Source of Income Is Questionable & Needs to be Investigated - Daniel Regha

Nigerian social media influencer, Daniel, has raised concerns about the origin of income for Nigerian singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, who is widely recognized as Spyro.

He pointed out that Spyro does not hold a prominent position among A-list musicians and hasn’t been one of Nigeria’s most sought-after artists this year. Yet, he finds it remarkable that the young artist has been actively investing in high-value properties worth millions.

Daniel Regha said that Oludipe Oluwasanmi David is a rising musician, known for just one hit song, yet he has been conspicuously extravagant.

He went on to stress that Spyro’s financial resources warrant scrutiny and investigation.

Daniel has taken the step to alert Nigerian security agencies to look into the finances of the talented musician and songwriter, Spyro, to determine the source of funds for his acquisition of luxurious properties.

Nigerians and various other countries have been engaging in discussions regarding the accuracy and credibility of the content shared by Daniel Regha on his social media platform.

A user wrote, “Mumu you know say 1 million streams on Apple Music na 3m naira sha count that 3m x50 million streams and bro have got over 200million streams on all platforms”.

Another user added, “I think that man is into some other stuff. Most of these artists are fraudsters they are using music to cover up.”

The third user wrote, “Maybe he wins 60million from Sportsbet daily”.

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