Supreme Court Confirms Achonu as LP Candidate & Abure as National Chairman

Supreme Court Upholds Achonu as Labour Candidate and Abure as National Chairman, Disgracing Apapa

The Supreme Court, led by a five-panel, has rejected Lamidi’s faction’s petition regarding the Imo state governorship election’s lawful candidate in November 2023.

Senator Achonu’s candidacy for the upcoming Imo state gubernatorial election in November has been officially ratified by the Supreme Court, and Julius Aburi has been affirmed as the legitimate National Chairman of the party.

Internal disputes within the Labour Party have resulted in two national chairmen, Lamidi Apapa and Julius Aburi, causing ongoing issues within the party.

The Supreme Court dismissed Basil Maduka’s petition, aiming to disqualify Julius Aburi’s nominated candidate senator Achonu.

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Furthermore, numerous legal battles have taken place between the Lamidi-led faction and Aburi, with the Labour Party distancing itself from Lamidi, claiming they are not party members.

The Supreme Court has called on Apapa and his associates to apologize for wasting and abusing the judiciary, as their petitions lack merits.

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