Supreme Court Records Remain Unaffected by Fire Incident, Says Festus Akande

Supreme Court Records Remain Unaffected by Fire Incident, Says Festus Akande

On Monday, September 2023, a fire broke out at the Supreme Court Complex located in the Three Arms Zone of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. The fire caused damage to some judges’ offices, but fortunately, there were no casualties as the brave personnel of the federal fire service swiftly worked to contain the blaze.

Following the incident, Mr Festus Akande, the spokesperson for the Supreme Court of Nigeria, reassured the public that there is no need to be alarmed about the confidentiality or integrity of documents, including presidential candidates’ petitions.

He further informed Nigerians that the Supreme Court has transitioned to a digital filing system, ensuring that any losses can be recovered from the computerized records. Festus further said that the fire incident only affected one chamber and had nothing to do with presidential documents.

The Spokesperson, Mr Festus Akande disclosed this information on Arise News,  he said, “As a matter of fact, there is no single connection, it will not affect anything at all in the court because, like I told you, this incident occurred in a chamber and the chamber is equipped with computers and other equipment and also a library, a functional library being used by any justice that occupied such chambers”.

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He also emphasized that the items affected by the fire included books, stationery, and computer equipment in the chambers. He added that the books can be easily replaced with digital copies from the e-library.

Festus provided assurance to worried Nigerians that any lost materials would be recovered using the advanced technology available within the Supreme Court complex.

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