This Is Not About Islam or Religion, It is about Evil and Good – Israel Ambassador to Nigeria, Micheal Freeman

This Is Not About Islam or Religion, It is about Evil and Good - Israel Ambassador to Nigeria, Micheal Freeman

The Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Michael Freeman in Abuja spoke to the press regarding the recent attack carried out by the Hamas-Palestinian terrorist militias in Israel.

Ambassador Freeman initiated the press conference by saying that the Hamas attack in Israel was mastermind by Iran. He recounted a disturbing incident where Hamas terrorists set a young girl on fire, murdering her grandmother and posted them on social media.

Freeman further revealed that the terrorists filmed this horrific act and shamelessly posted it on social media. He emphasized that the young girl and her mother tragically lost her life at the hands of Hamas terrorists on the same day.

“Nearly a thousand Israelis were murdered in one day that’s the greatest number of Jews who were killed in one day since the Holocaust”.

Hamas didn’t just target Israel; they inflicted harm on all the diverse communities residing within the nation, including Arab populations.
He noted, “They didn’t only kill Israelis they killed from other countries as well they killed Arabs they killed Israeli Arabs they killed from many different countries and they kidnapped over a hundred Israeli citizens who are now being held in Gaza”.
Michael Freeman emphasized that the ongoing events in Israel do not constitute a war against Palestine but rather a conflict against Hamas.
“It’s important to State at this point that this is not a war between Israel and Palestine this is not about Israel and Palestine this is about Israel and Hamas this is about Good and Evil this is about civilization and barbarism either you stand with people who are defending themselves or you stand with those who cut the heads off babies that’s what this is about” he added

Additionally, he brought up the Nigerian situation, citing the abduction of young girls by Boko Haram, and he pointed out that it is driven by sheer hatred that led Boko Haram to target innocent individuals.

Freeman also emphasized that the actions of Hamas should not be seen as representative of Islam, and he clarified Hamas have perpetual hatred towards Jewish people.

He noted, “This is not about religion this is not about Islam or Judaism or Christianity this is about evil and good these Hamas terrorists are not acting in the name of Islam”.

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