Tinubu’s Academic Records Represent a National Embarrassment – Osita Chidoka

Tinubu's Academic Records Represent a National Embarrassment - Osita Chidoka

Former Nigerian Minister of Aviation and prominent Anambra-born politician, Osita Chidoka, has expressed his concern about the academic credentials of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Chicago State University court case, labelling them as a matter of national embarrassment.

He commended Atiku Abubakar, the former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, for bringing to light the issue regarding Tinubu’s certificate, noting that this revelation came from a political figure rather than national security agencies.

Chidoka has raised serious doubts about the credibility of various government agencies, including the Department of State Security, the National Intelligence Agency, the Independent National Electoral Commission, and even the Nigerian Embassy, whose personnel operate in Washington DC. He emphasized that the Nigerian judiciary, which had adjudicated on the 2023 presidential election, has yet to authenticate the genuine copies of the president’s qualifications.

He went on to express his profound disappointment that all these entities allowed the swearing-in of the president without confirming his true identity, characterizing this as a tragic national oversight. Osita Chidoka lamented that for 23 years, the issue of the president’s credentials has remained a persistent problem hindering the nation’s progress.

Osita Chidoka made it evident that during Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidency, a ministerial appointment was granted to a serving corps member, and individuals under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) successfully cleared security screenings.

He emphasized the paramount significance of the presidential office, noting that it holds both moral authority and strategic importance that demand the utmost regard for national security, leaving no space for foreign intelligence or government interference.”This should be a primary burden on all our national institutions,” he added.

Osita Chidoka, whose tenure as Minister of Aviation garnered notable achievements, has emphasized the critical need for constitutional amendments regarding the resolution of electoral disputes prior to assuming office. He pointed out that legal intricacies and the silence of state institutions in such matters should be regarded as a grave betrayal.

However, he highlighted that Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s ongoing case in a foreign court related to electoral petitions is tarnishing Nigeria’s reputation and legal system.

Chidoka firmly believes that if critics’ claims about the forgery of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s certificate hold true, it would bring global shame to Nigeria. He further noted that even if Tinubu’s certificate is genuine, the lack of a thorough investigation by the relevant security agencies within the country would still cast a mark of shame on Nigeria.

In unequivocal terms, Chidoka stated that a forged certificate would place President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in a morally and legally vulnerable position on the world stage.

In his statement he said, “As he did not present primary and secondary certificates to INEC, a forged CSU certificate makes him unqualified to stand for the office of President as he does not possess the minimum qualification S.131(D) of the 1999 Constitution as amended. of course, the next issue is the case of perjury, the presentation of false documents under oath”.

He persists in casting doubt on the integrity of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) during the presidential candidacy process, further contributing to the enigma of the institution accepting university degrees without the requisite certificates. He emphasized that the court’s decision and the entire academic record issue should not be a moment of celebration but rather an occasion for thoughtful self-reflection.

Chidoka firmly believes that this juncture presents an opportune time for the nation to ask crucial questions, including inquiries into national values and which institution should have probed the questionable certificate.

Osita continued to raise concerns about the president’s credibility, especially in light of his failure to present primary or secondary school certificates. He criticized the nation’s judiciary for prioritizing election technicalities over essential requirements, asserting that they had forgotten their fundamental responsibilities.

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