Tonto Dike, Iyabo Ojo, & Others to Face Legal Action for Public Deception, Says VeryDarkBlackMan

Tonto Dike, Iyabo Ojo, & Others to Face Legal Action for Public Deception, Says VeryDarkBlackMan

Nigerian TikTok influencer, VeryDarkBlackMan, has alleged that Iyabo Ojo, Tonto Dike, K-Solo, and Samklef disseminated false information to the public regarding the passing of Nigerian rapper Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad.

In a viral video shared on his X account (formerly known as Twitter), he declared his intention to rally the Marlian community to take legal action against them. If the Marlians fail to pursue legal action, he vowed to personally engage a lawyer to sue them, cautioning them to be prepared for potential legal consequences.

He emphasized that these individuals are celebrities with vast followings, highlighting that their followers often accept their statements without conducting thorough investigations.

Following Mohbad’s demise, VeryDarkBlackMan revealed that they had shared numerous social media posts linking Naira Marley and Sam Larry to the unfortunate demise of Mohbad.

He drew a parallel to the tragic lynching incident involving the Port Harcourt “Four,” suggesting that Sam Larry and Naira Marley could encounter a similar situation due to the posts made by these celebrities.

Additionally, he expressed that these celebrities prompted Nigerians to protest without possessing concrete evidence linking Mohbad’s death to Sam Larry and Naira Marley. He recalled that one of these celebrities, Iyabo Ojo, had previously urged the public to come forward with any information or evidence concerning Mohbad’s demise.

VeryDarkBlackMan also asserted that Naira Marley and Sam Larry were the secondary individuals of interest in the case. He emphasized that the primary suspects should be questioned first before turning attention to the secondary suspects, including those who were in close proximity to Mohbad for 72 hours prior to his demise.

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In his X account, he wrote, “To Iyabo Ojo, Tonto Dike and the shemales(K-Solo and Samklef) I don’t cap, prepare your lawyers, I will make sure you all get what you deserve for passing out wrong information and misleading the public”.

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