Two Buses collided in the BRT Corridor along Lagos Abeokuta Exp. Road

Two Buses collided in BRT Corridor along Lagos Abeokuta Exp. Road

A tragic incident took place on the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway at the Conoil area near Valley Estate, heading towards Ile-Zik, resulting in numerous casualties.

LASTMA, in coordination with the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies, is actively taking measures to safeguard the passengers.

On their official social media account, they posted, “A serious accident has occurred on the BRT corridor, just in front of Conoil at Valley Estate, inward IleZik on LagosAbeokuta Exp Way.

“Effect of this occurrence on traffic is minimal, however, our officers, as well as all other concerned authorities, including men of the Nigerian Police Force are on ground doing there doing the needful”.

Medical ambulances swiftly arrived at the location, rendering crucial medical assistance to the injured passengers. The authorities have not yet disclosed the cause of the accident.

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The Nigerian Police Force and security personnel have initiated an inquiry to uncover the accident’s origins and implement additional preventative measures for future incidents.

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