Tyron Woodley: “I Want to Give Israel Adesanya a Beating”

Tyron Woodley: "I Want to Give Israel Adesanya a Beating"

The former UFC welterweight champion and mixed martial artist, Tyron Woodley, has made the decision to stage a comeback in the UFC and challenge Israel Adesanya. This decision comes in the wake of Adesanya’s recent loss to Sean Strickland in Sydney, Australia.

According to Tyron Woodley’s comment on JAXXON Podcast, he said, “Only thing that would get me back to the UFC – only person I would just wanna beat the f*ck out of, is Israel Adesanya,”. “I don’t like him. ‘Cos he cap. … I already gave you respect, then they ask me who did I wanna fight, whoever at the tp. So, you’re at the top my brother, so salute.”

“I never wanted to fight Nick or (Diaz), Nate (Diaz), or (Michael) Bisping, or Conor (McGregor), or Georges (St-Pierre) ‘cos I thought they was weak, easy or they was whack. I thought they was the best. To be the best you gotta beat the best.”

Tyron Woodley has insisted on entertaining a fight with the UFC middleweight champion Adesanya who possesses exceptional striking skills, and his boxing skills are a crucial component of his stand-up game.

The audiences are greatly enjoying Tyron Woodley’s show at JAXXON Podcast and eagerly await a response from Isreal Adesanya.


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