VeryDarkBlackMan: “Sextape” Surfaces Amidst Demand for DNA Test

Gistlover: Controversial "Sextape" Surfaces Amidst Demand for DNA Test by VeryDarkBlackMan

A controversial blogger, widely recognized as Gistlover, has recently taken the controversial step of sharing explicit content featuring VeryDarkBlackMan on the Telegram platform. This provocative action was spurred by the turmoil surrounding the passing of Nigerian rapper and songwriter, Mohbad.

After Mohbad’s unfortunate demise, numerous blogs and celebrities began advocating for justice, seeking to hold accountable those directly and indirectly responsible for his tragic fate.

This movement led to calls for the prosecution of Naira Marley and Sam Larry, which prompted Zinoleesky to remove Marlian’s record from his Instagram bio. Naira Marley, in particular, suffered significant setbacks, experiencing a substantial loss of followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The question arises: Why did Gistlover choose to release VeryDarkBlackMan’s explicit content online?

Mohbad’s death became a focal point for online discussions, with people closely monitoring daily updates regarding the autopsy conducted by the Nigerian police command.

During this process, VeryDarkBlackMan made a request to Mohbad’s widow to undergo a DNA test to confirm the paternity of her child.

This DNA test proposal sparked intense controversy among Nigerians, with many viewing it as a heartless request to make of a grieving widow. Several celebrities argued that suggesting a DNA test for Mohbad’s wife was insensitive in her time of mourning.

In light of VeryDarkBlackMan’s persistent calls for the DNA test, his actions drew strong disapproval from Gistlover. Consequently, the blogger decided to retaliate by sharing his explicit content on the Telegram platform.

Following the release on Telegram, VeryDarkBlackMan’s fans began requesting the videos on his official Twitter account. In response, he chose to post the explicit content on his Twitter handle, making it accessible to the public as a means of exposing Gistlover’s initial actions.



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