We Recommend Tinubu Not to Appoint Wike As a Minister, Says Daniel Bwala

Appointment of Olukayede as EFCC Chairman Illegal and Unlawful - Daniel Bwala

The removal of the Managing Director Najib Mahmoud Abdussalam, alongside other agency and parastatal heads by the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja Wike has ignited diverse opinions among Nigerians.  The Abuja Urban Mass Transit Co. employees have expressed their deep dissatisfaction, strongly condemning this action.

Videos have emerged showing staff members praising and commending Najib Mahmoud Abdussalam for his dedicated service during his tenure as Managing Director.

Barrister Daniel Bwala, the former presidential spokesperson for the Atiku campaign organization in 2023, has revealed that he advised Bola Ahmed Tinubu against appointing former governors as ministers. He emphasized that dictatorial governors are a significant issue, asserting that government should be guided by principles, not personal whims and preferences.

Daniel Bwala also conveyed a message to the FCT Minister, highlighting that while one can exert influence over a particular ethnic group, it is impossible to dominate all tribes. He underscored the distinction between a state and a federation.

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“Nigerians are getting fed up with nonsensical behaviours, Even civilians when they are in power long enough behave like military The next (ex-governor) minister to encounter protest and resistance is FCT minister” he added.

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